Dear girls and guys,

it has been a long time since I wrote something more personal on Daphale. Today I want to share with you my feelings and excitement for the upcoming project for Daphale.

I am almost done with my University life, right now writing and finishing my Bachelor Thesis about the topic Sustainable Fashion and Customer Satisfaction. The last few weeks I have been studying and working really hard to make this big dream happen. I am so unbelievably happy since forever and really want to share with you all these crazy feelings. Before I am telling you about this, I want to do a short throwback…

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After I finished my High School I didn’t really know what to do with my life – I only knew it has to be something related to Fashion. I never felt Germany was the place to be for me, or maybe the little town I grew up was just too small and conservative for me with my big visions about life. So I decided to go to Vietnam to do any kind of internship, which I could find. My parents didn’t want me to go at that time, because they were afraid something would happen to me far away from home in a developing country, such as Vietnam. Everything there is growing fast, uncertain, unpalpable, kinda dangerous, but for me, this place is filled with a lot of adventure, chances, and life. It took me weeks to convince my parents letting me go to my roots, exploring a new life on the other side of the world. I was very excited and kinda nervous and I didn’t have any friends there at that time, luckily my relatives were still in Vietnam. My cousin helped me to get an intern job as a stylist assistant at the fashion and lifestyle magazine Dep. But I figured out after a few weeks that this was not the kind of job I wanted to do. It sounds nice to be a stylist, but it wasn’t as much fun as you think, maybe only in Vietnam. And so another door opens to me and I got to know many new people at that time and one guy motivated me to do another job where I can embrace myself more. So, he recommended me to, a fashion e-commerce start up invested by Rocket Internet. Quitting at the magazine and starting my new job as a campaign marketing and social media intern was the best decision ever. Nothing of this was even planned, things just came to my life as if I would attract them to me. Step by step I realized what life is all about and I enjoyed every minute in Vietnam. I met the best people in my life, who are still supporting me until today in whatever I am doing. These people became my friends and also part of my family in Vietnam. I don’t need to mention your names here because I am sure you guys know. During my internship, I applied for the University in Germany, and there was only one University I wanted to go to, which had the course International Fashion Retail. The application was kinda hard and only a few people were chosen to go to this University. After six months I came back from Vietnam and there was this letter… I got in!!!


Thinking back to that time, I am realizing how amazing all of this is. Everything falls into place. And with the start of my University life, I established my fashion and lifestyle blog DAPHALE in 2014. Finally… I made it. I used to post all my outfit photos on and then on Instagram, but this step was another big step in my life. I realized one of my dreams. And here I am, writing to you guys and sharing you all of this. It sounds as if everything is perfect, but believe me, the way to every milestone was hard work and a lot of patience. I can only tell you one advice: Always believe in yourself, dream big, never give up, attract and imagine the things you want to have in life. Feel it and it will come to you!

Now, I am sitting here in my little cute room in a small town in Germany, and tell you my project is coming soon. I planned this already two months ago, while I was in Vietnam. Things just happen and I got suddenly this idea. I was looking for something to do in fashion and was looking at the market in Vietnam and I figured out there is still potential on a certain niche market. So it clicked in my brain and I started to find a way to establish my own little brand. But, I don’t want to reveal too much about it. Stay tuned guys! Daphale Studios is on its way and will create for you something sweet and rebellious. Please, support me by realizing this dream. This is going to be challenging one, but I am excited and confident to go this way. I am a small entrepreneur soon, and everything I am doing is “learning by doing”. I will do my best to realize my visions and will learn with every step I am going. I will grow with Daphale Studios and hope you guys will support me and grow together with me. Every failure is a lesson, stand up and do it better. And so will I.

Also in this post, I want to give big THANKS to all of you who are already supporting me so much during the last few months. Helping me find the right name for my brand was really exhausting and in the end, it was still Daphale. This brand is just something really special to me and it won’t let me go. All my friends and my family who are going with me through all of this right now and helping me with all their love, time and patience, I THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I can not believe having such great people in my life. I Love You more than words could ever express!


Photos by Phan Nhat Minh

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Girl, I am so excited for you to grow and grow with Daphale Studios. You are such an inspiring young woman with a vision! I am excited and in support of your dreams. Be bold and venture on, Nhi! You can do it! Happy new year to you beautiful. The fireworks have started over here urghhh! Why can’t they be silent!?? LOL. 🙂 x


Sounds like an amazing opportunity! Wishing you all the best girl! Love your style and I appreciate all the hard work you put into your blog. You’re gonna kill it! 🙂

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