The days are shorter and the nights are longer – Hello Winter!
This season of the year is probably not the favourite season of most of us, gloomy days, cold, rainy, sickness and tiredness is following you through the days. Sometimes it is really hard to stay positive when you are looking out the window and seeing these dark big clouds covering the blue sky. Well, this is one side of the Winter, right? But besides all these negative features, Winter also have beautiful sides. The beautiful thing about this season is, that family, friends and the beloved ones are coming even closer to each other. Spending the day for example, all together at home, relaxing in front of the fireplace, watching some funny movies, going ice skating and cuddling more often. This sounds like a lot of Love is spreading around us and perfect to Warm Me up!

“Warm ME she said and discovered this hat, as unique and unmistakable as herself.” During this season nothing is better than wearing some comfortable, cosy and warm clothes. This is the reason why we love our Warm-ME* beanies soooo much! Time to wrap ourselves in warm clothes and with some stylish beanies! As you probably know, we are big fans of hats in every kind of shapes. We found out about Warm-ME and fell in love with all of their super comfortable and cute beanies, which are perfect for your effortless everyday look.

Soon it is Christmas, and we all are looking for something beautiful and unique for our beloved ones. And we think these Warm-ME cashmere Beanies are something really special. And it’s getting even better when you also personalize your presents, right? So this time Lodenfrey Munich and Warm-Me have a special event for you from 24.11.17 until 25.11.17. All of you, who will purchase a Warm-ME beanie, have the chance to personalize your beanie with Swarovksi-crystals. How about your or their initials for your family or best friends?

                         Beanie | Coat | Jeans | Boots | Handbag                                                   Beanie | Jacket | Pants | Knit| Boots

Keep yourselves and all your beloved ones warm and stylish through this season is a goal. Today in our hometown was really cold and rainy as well, but there was nothing to hold us back to go to the city to grab some breakfast and coffee. Luckily we were prepared and our beanies hold us warm and lovely together. For us Warm ME means to stay connected to all the people we love and that we all can feel really good about wearing!

Furthermore, if you are interested in how a Warm-ME beanie is made, then please enjoy the video below.

*In collaboration with Warm-ME

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