These pictures were shot last autumn by my great friend Hong from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Everything that has to do with Vietnam makes me feel happy. This country is so impulsive and has a long history. I always miss Vietnam. I love my roots, my family and friends over there. Every time when I’m back there, I feel so free and full of joy. It’s like all my problems and worries just disappear. Besides there is the best food in the world 🙂 That’s why I always gain a lot of weight and get a dark tan after visiting Vietnam. But it’s worth it. Maybe you guys are wondering where my next destination will be. It’s easy to guess – Vietnam, of course! Tomorrow is my flight and I’m very excited and looking forward to see my grandma, my friends and of course my Love. I miss them all so much. The last few weeks were somehow very stressful and I was very sick as well – That’s why I lose some weight. Super timing! Although I’m just going to be 10 days away, I will make the best out of it. I won’t waste my time. I hope Linh isn’t too busy due his stressful work, so we could travel a little bit and go to the beach. That would be nice – just relaxing! I really need a massage and some manicure for my nails, also a hair cut. I’m so excited, I think I won’t sleep tonight for very long. I hope you guys will have a wonderful Easter, too! Stay tuned!

Midi Skirt, Top, Sunnies – from different Boutiques in VN
Red Pumps – Zara
Clutch – No Name

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