After staying with my friends in Seminyak, we were delighted to continue our Bali adventure with a stay at the charming The Sintesa in Jimbaran , promising a restorative and sacred space in which to relax and retreat.

This beautiful resort is held in a luxury complex, located close enough to the buzzing hive of Jimbaran, yet nestled just far enough out of the way on a quiet street above a hill with an amazing view to Bali. When you enter the retreat, you feel a whole world away from any hustle and bustle. Peace, serenity and homemade Icetea greet you upon arrival.

Sintesa Jimbaran Hotel

When entering you feel immediately transported back into the good old glamorous days where manners mattered and Coziness is your best friend. After the Staff brought our luggage to the room, we could not help but go for a wander round the elegant building. Modern Art galleries on every floor and with big sofas in front on the hallways and at the pool where  you just want to lounge all evening reading your latest book.

The rooms are styled in a contemporary modern way and will embrace you with their cosiness the moment you are entering your room. Also if you are very lazy in the morning and just don’t want to get out if this cozy bed, you can call the room service to help you bring the breakfast right into your bed! This is what I did, too.

room deluxe sintesa jimbaran

Sintesa Jimbaran also offer on weekends nice haircuts at the Barber. Behind a hidden wall of the Barber you can get to the amazing “Secret Bar”.  If you get a drink you will get a free haircut and shave! The Bar’ber give the whole atmosphere a sophisticated American vibe and provides extravagant cocktails for a perfect night.


On our first night at Sintesa we were invited to a private dinner with three courses. They gave us the privilege to dine all alone at the Bar”ber; a pivate candle light dinner just for us 2. You also have to try their new yummy cocktails which will be launched in October. We had two types of cocktails, the classic Zombie and the signature Mochito, which were both very tasty. The food was very delicious and prepared beautifully. All ingredients are fresh from the local farmers, what we immediately tasted. The manger also underlines that they are supporting their local farmers in Bali. You can really taste the difference of fresh and with love made food.

food bar

When we first entered the Spa area we were immediately impressed by their warm asian interior. They have several private rooms for spa which were clean and nicely decorated. The massage we experienced was amazing and relaxing.
Furthermore, every guest at Sintesa can enter the sauna and jacuzzi for free at the Spa area, but women and men are separated.


There are plenty of activities you can add on to your retreat experience, such as a private gym trainer or getting a bike to discover the area . My personal highlight was the traditional Balinse massage wich was amazing and refreshing. A must do when u are around. Also every hour is a shuttlebus to and from the Jimbaran beach where you can rent a board to surf or have a romantic candlelight dinner under the stunning sunset with your beloved ones.

Spending time at The Sintesa will make you feel like a celebrity that secretly checked-in at their favourite hotel. The highly professional staff are the most beautiful and caring souls. They will fulfil every wish you might possibly think of as they seem to know exactly what you want and cater to your every need. Quality time with your favourites has never felt better!
I think what really sets Sintesa aside from other retreats is how individualised and intimate it is. I loved that there was a charm of a family and plenty private room which made it unique compared to other large-scale resorts, whilst still being utterly luxurious. I left feeling rested, energised, and calm. My only regret was that I wasn’t staying longer at this little healing heaven!


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