Shirt by MSGM | Glasses by Kuboraum | Bag by Chloé | Shoes by Jil Sander | Pants by Givenchy | Earrings by Bjorg | Keyring by Lanvin

The new season is coming soon and brings along not only flowers in our hearts and blossoms everywhere, but also the beautiful lightly sun.
Sunglasses used to be only a protection for our eyes from the light and burning sun. But nowadays that is not the only function of them. They define the look and help you to stand out of the crowd with a style that demands attention. But to achieve the right look is not that easy. Many people try to follow trends and wearing sunglasses which are not fitting to their face proportions and this makes them look bad.
First things first though, working out your face shape to determine what frame will work for you is vital when choosing a pair of glasses. Hence, by understanding the contours of your face you can quickly decide what style of shades will suit you the best.

I know the mechanism to choose the right sunglasses for any kind of face shape is very hard. That’s why I have this short Video made by Farafetch.com, which will help you to understand which face shape we have, and what frames would suit your particular face formation. After you watch this video you will know what you did wrong the whole life haha. It is worth to take a look!
I am sure this summer we will all look amazing with our sunglasses.

Above I made a little collage with my favourite spring pieces from Farafetch.com and of course sunglasses, which I think will flatter my facial features. Because I have square shaped face I can wear round or oval glasses, for example cat eye frames. In the graphic below you can see my personal recommendation:


Round Face – Retro Square frame by Sun Buddies
Square Face – Cat Eye frame by KYME
Oval Face – Aviator frame by Linda Farrow Galerie

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