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As most of you already know we live in an age where every Kid would like to have a pair of Balenciaga or are waiting hours in line for purchasing Supreme. The trend for streetstyle is growing rapidly and I have to admit that I am also a fashion victim if it´s about hype sneakers. Even I wear streetsyle most of the time because it is easy and comfortable.

But still the classy gentlemen will never get out of style and dapper suits will always remain and are essential in a wardrobe of every men. So If you are not the type to follow the trend and knowing all the hypes then you are always on the safe side if you go for the classy style.

But which suits for the summer?

I had an amazing Trip in California and Vietnam few weeks ago and I would like to share with you three of my favourite classy styles during this summer roadtrip.

It is quite hot in California and Vietnam these days, therefore I went with some light suits in three different colors which were perfect for the summer!

Digel MoveDigel – Suit | Funktionsschnitt – T-Shirt | Sunday Somewhere – Glasses| Digel Shoes

Digel Move

The Joshua Tree National Park was one of the most beautiful and interesting natural habit I have ever visited. I loved the landscape, the peace and privacy far away from the rush and crowded city.
Here were so many cool spots for a photo shooting. A dream for an editorial shoot if it wouldn’t be so hot. But in the evening it got cooler and I took the chance to took some cool photos. What do you think?
I combined a beige suit by Digel with a white T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. The yellow glasses, the fedora hat and neck scarf protected me from the sun and dust but were also cool accessories to complete the casual desert style.

Digel Move

Digel Move

Have you ever heard of the saying „A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men“? Also here are the materials and color very important and make a huge difference .

In LA I went for a grey suit with a cool cotton material. It is a mesh lining and is different due its breathability, lightness and elasticity. Thanks to the suit it was not too hot while strolling around the beautiful city. Combined with a shirt, it creates a modern look that can be optimally worn both in your spare time and in the office.

But I went for a grey striped T-shirt, comfy white sneakers and cool black round glasses. Casual and classy, nothing fancy but sometimes less is more –> Stand out by not standing out.

Digel Move

  Digel Suit | Digel T-Shirt | Moscot – Glasses | Digel Shoes

Digel Move

I stayed in Vietnam for 2 weeks and enjoyed the food here which is my favourite cuisine. For those who love asian dishes you will be here in paradise, trust me 😉

In Vietnam it is even hotter and humid then California. During the day you don´t even want to go outside because it is too hot. But at night it could be a lil bit fresh.
So this time I went for a cool navy suit and also combined it with a striped navy/white Tshirt. Did I ever mentioned that I am a lil bit obsessed with stripes which is also very trendy this year?

The suit has the same materials as the grey one and is perfect for a hot summer day.
So if you want to travel in style during the summer and be classy without a sweat then I can really recommend you these suits.

Digel Move

Digel – Suit | Digel – Shirt | Skagen – Watch

Whether you look manly or not is mostly decided by your outfit & color tones your wearing. Menstyle is mostly about finding what suits you best and is adequate to your age. There will always be those days where jeans, T-Shirt & sneakers is more comfortable, but in general the essence of real menstyle is about dressing decent. Choose your outfits, their shapes and materials to what suits you the best – and the rest is attitude.

*In cooperation with Digel AG

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