Lovely August, it’s already mid of summer and life is always so beautiful at this season. Life is even more beautiful and sweet in such a dress like this – white lace and cute details. ¬†Actually I wanted to post this look last week – but there were some problems, but now here is it!¬†Sometimes I want to look more girly and especially in the summer times – where the weather is too hot for any pants or blouses. That’s why I picked this white lace dress from Sheineside. The top of the dress is kind of transparent and the bottom is full of lace and flowers – this mix of boho and cute is fantastic at such summerdays like today and for my trip to Vietnam as well. This dress is really a key piece for this summer (actally every summer). Enjoy the sun guys !

Lace dress – Sheinside
Heels- Primark
Rings – Primark, H&M
Hat – H&M

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