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long time no see! I am back with some cool watches. More precisely, smartwatches – also called the future watches of our time. Most of you will think of the unfashionable big square watches when someone talk about smartwatches, right? I also feel like they either look like a transformer on my wrist or some sort of medical device used to monitor my blood sugar levels.

When it comes to watches I’ve always believed less is more. I love watches that look understated.
Which is why I totally adore the new Skagen smartwatches.
They look minimal, contemporary and modern but at the same time will help you keep on top of things.

I had already the pleasure to have their first Smartwatch by Skagen and was very happy with it but now they brought out a new, better and more beautiful Smartwatch, the Skagen Falster II. You can buy these beauties (here)

I have been testing the new Smartwatch for couple of weeks and I will tell you about my experience.

It’s been a busy week, launching new products, filming, shootings, doctors appointments…. you workaholics know the drill – we can’t stop, we never stop!
Oh, and I had exam for my masters too ~ deadlines and trip plannings ahead…
I absolutely love that my Skagen Falster smartwatch helps me keep track of all my jobs, meetings & deadlines on the go without having to take my phone out with me. I feel like a much more organised men now. To be honest, most of your notifications are redundant and unworthy to get your phone out of your bag.

But there is much more inside the watch. It’s inbuilt vibration alarm clock is much more pleasant than the usual awfull sound and with my new quick morning routine the smartwatch is close at hand so I’m not distracted by my phone, in the madness of getting out the door.

The Falster Smartwatch II provides an interactive, swimproof touchscreen and a range of smart features including: Google Assistant, smartphone notifications, activity and heart rate tracking, the world time, weather, Google Pay, GPS and way more.. SKAGENs clean Scandinavian design watches carry an affordable price and offer great value for the money.

The Falster remains connected with the smartphone via bluetooth, moreover it can be connected to the Wifi as well. There are 3 buttons, which you can settle personally, everything else is entered via the touchscreen or by voice. Setting reminders, calendar events, timers, sending messages, checking the weather, asking questions about general facts guarantees great results.

The Google Assistant is positively the fastest and most impressive voice interface out there. It recognises every accent with extreme accuracy, it is quick, reliable and absolute easy to use. Okay, I might sound a bit too excited, but that is because the Google Assistant is just so much better than any other thing out there. I almost talk more with my watch than with my mum..

Another cool thing is the ability to change between time zones and one of the coolest feature is that you can control the music by pausing the song, skipping or repeating it while streaming on spotify.

During these weeks I’ve als challenged myself to use my phone less when going from place to place, the Falster ll Smartwatch’s built-in maps app feels like a much smoother way to know you’re on the right track. And you never know what treats those shortcuts will have up their sleeve.

I can even pay for my coffee with Google pay. It does feel a little weird not reaching for my wallet, but then it felt good when I stopped carrying coins. I could get used to this!

Of course there could be better improvements but in summary I really do love my new Smartwatch and its amazing functions. It helps me in my daily routine and fits perfectly with my style. What do I want more? 🙂

So what do you think guys? Are you still the classic type or do you want to adapt to the increasing technical possibilities ?


*In cooperation with Skagen Denmark

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