Finally I fulfilled one of my dreams and can check off one thing from my wish list. Living the California Dream and doing a Westcoast Trip was always on my bucket list. This time we started from San Francisco and will travel all around through California for 3 weeks. Luckily we have the best imaginable travelpartners to facilitate our trip; the Falster Smartwatch by SKAGEN Denmark.

The Falster Smartwatch provides an interactive touchscreen and a range of smart features including: Google Assistant, smartphone notifications, activity tracking, the world time, weather, an alarm clock and way more. SKAGENs clean Scandinavian design watches carry an affordable price and offer great value for the money. So check them out (here)

There are already many smartwatches on the market which have promised to make your life easier and help us to organise our daily routine but I could never make friends with them. Most are too sporty, too chunky or just too ordinary. The SKAGEN Falster smartwatch design is one that we really love.

The Falster remains connected with the smartphone via bluetooth, moreover it can be connected to the Wifi as well. There is one button serves as a kind of home button, everything else is entered via the touchscreen or by voice. Setting reminders, calendar events, timers, sending messages, checking the weather, asking questions about general facts guarantees great results.

The Google Assistant is positively the fastest and most impressive voice interface out there. It recognises every accent with extreme accuracy, it is quick, reliable and absolute easy to use. Okay, we might sound a bit too excited, but that is because the Google Assistant is just so much better than any other thing out there.

The watch shows notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Emails, Calls, Reminders and even Tinder, Uber, Airbnb and many more. I got used to this so fast because it is so comfortable. To be honest, most of your notifications are redundant and unworthy to get your phone out of your bag. But there is much more inside the watch. It’s inbulit vibration alarm clock is much more pleasant than the usual awfull sound. Another cool thing is the ability to change between time zones and one of the coolest feature is that you can control the music by pausing the song, skipping or repeating it.

Like every good smartwatch, the watch has activity tracking to count your steps. If you leave your phone on your wrist while sleeping it also analyses your sleep. The SKAGEN Falster is available in four variations: either with black or brown leather strap or with silver or rose-gold steel mesh.

I once read that the Danish concept of “Hygge” and minimalism intersect where ideas focus on the heart of living and not the hustle. That’s precisely what SKAGEN is aiming for here with six watch faces that all riff on this theme by being more sparing with the information they show, and keeping down the mix of colours.

All of these watch faces can be customised with different colours and complications and the operating system is Android Wear 2.0 so you can install useful apps, dials and customise your watch even more.

The clean and purist design convinced me with the perfect balance of form and functionality. It really makes your life easier and gives your style the finishing touch.


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