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One days left until I am jumping into the airplane to Taipei – leaving Shanghai after quite a “long” time.. it was actually way too short.
For people back home in Germany time seems to stand still while my time here in Shanghai is just running away.
I can’t really remember how it was when i first touched the Chinese ground. I did so many things in such a short time, so words can’t describe the experiences and memories that were created. I think most of the people in my age who likes to travel as much as I do, understand how Iam feeling right now and know how hard it is to go back. I am feeling home right here right now, found irreplaceable friends, know the streets in Shanghai and got a way of life. But “all good things must come to an end” – this is what everyone says. When a door is closed a new door will open…i hope its true.
Of course I will come back to Shanghai again, maybe already next summer hehe. But before I plan anything big I have to go back to Germany first. I miss my family and friends back there but I will miss this life here, as well. It is always so hard for me to leave Asia. I think Asia is really the place I should be for the rest of my life.
Shanghai is really an impressive and multicultural city with so much happening going on, every day. From 5am in the morning going to the park seeing old people doing Taiche, to be able to get hot food anytime anywhere or doing ganbei. To get anything that you can imagine and to bargain down the price. Or partying with the locals and dancing in the clubs until stupid o’ clock. Shanghai has everything for everyone – no matter what taste.

Here I have some suggestions for you guys, when you come to Shanghai one day:

Places to check out:
The Bund (Touristic)
Nanjing Road ( Shopping Street)
Nanjing East – Fake Market “Han City”
Yuyuen Garden ( traditional chinese architecture, temples, a lot of food and little things)
French Concession ( nice boutiques and cafes – the Europe in Sh.)
Yonkang Road ( Street with a lot of Bars in French Concession)
Tianzifang ( Little area for crafts and souvenirs )
Jing’An ( City area with restaurants and shops and Temple)
Shanghai world Circus Acrobatics Show
Rain Room Yup Museum
Iapm Mall at Huaihai Road ( Luxery mall and shopping street )
Shanghai Zoo you can see cute Pandas

Grandmas Kitchen in Nanjing East ( Cheap and very yummy )
Crystal jade Dimsum
Hairy Crabs
Haidilao ( 24h Hotpot with excellent Service )
Xiao Hui Ge ( Hotpot )
–> actually you can find good chinese/asian food everywhere

Very good western food:
Liquid Laundry
Mr & Mrs Bund
Unico by Mauro Colagreco

The CUT Steak&Fries
Bar Rouge
Park Hyatt ( best View over SH )
The Nest
Unico by Mauro Colagreco
FLASK ( Bar hidden behind a vintage Coca Cola – Vending )

My favourite Clubs:
Arkham ( Underground Hipster )
Shelter ( Underground )
Monkey Champagne ( Hiphop )
Le Baron ( Mix of everything )
BUNKER ( Underground )

The Mansion

Mainstream Clubs, but good :

For more information about Shanghai –>

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