Vietnam is always full of surprises! Every time I’m back there, it’s a great time – unforgettable memories…
Though I was just in Saigon for 10 days, there was really no boredom. My schedule was full booked – friends, family, boyfriend, events and shootings for, Designer Linda Mai Phung and of course for Daphale. Most of the photos were made by my friend Duyen. Because my boyfriend Linh is nowadays really busy with his work, I have to visit him in Vietnam. No problem for me – I would visit him in Saigon whenever I’m free. Saigon is a really big city, which is very multifaceted and it never sleeps. Even on Wednesday at 2am, when Linh and me are cruising with the scooter around Saigon, there were still a lot of people on the street. You also don’t have to be afraid to starve, because food is in Vietnam everywhere and at anytime available. I think it’s also the best food. It’s no wonder I couldn’t resist and gained once more a little bit of weight^^. But it was worth it. Everything was delicious and exquisite.
Anyways, Linh had 2 surprises for me – it was really cute.
It was a hot Sunday and we just went to my grandma to have lunch with her and then he told me we should go now – I didn’t know where we were going and why. I was leaving clueless the house with Linh, as I saw a beautiful old-timer in front if my house and I didn’t expect it was for us! A chauffeur brought us to the old-timer and drove us to a wonderful spa. The “L’Apothiquaire” was amazing, even though I was dog tired after the whole day at the spa. So if you were in Saigon, I would recommend it! The second surprise was a beautiful bracelet by “La Fiancé du Facteur” – a handmade piece. He hid it under my pillow and the funny thing was that at the first sight I just read the word “fiancé” and I nearly got a heart attack! I was on the brink to break down in tears thought he wanted to become engaged with me haha. Clearly, my thoughts were wrong and it was just the brand name. He laughed at me and hugged me as he said “I will do it another time”. I really love this man. Even we were just about a half year together – I think he is “The One”. He is the one who understands me and is very patient with me. Of course the distance between us makes the relationship a little bit harder. Anyways I want to thank him, all my friends and family in Saigon for the wonderful time in Saigon. Also I’m very sorry I couldn’t take more pictures from the city, because it wasn’t easy to take some pictures on the street. You have to be aware that at any moment your phone or camera will be taken away. So keep attention when you have a vacation in Saigon.

Much Love!


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