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The spring colours for this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express our real selves. One of the trend colours and also my favourite color (besides black) is for sure rose quartz. That’s why I picked this super cute and chic pullover and also the black overall from one of my favourite brand MANGO. You can find a MANGO-Shop at as well.

Why I love MANGO: For me MANGO is a really trendy and feminine brand. The fashion is reflected in soft minimalistic, sharp, trendy and casual designs with a little bit of bohemian vibe during the summer season. The fashion sense of Mango is stylish, but still very elegant for young to old women. The colour palette of the collections are always on point and matches perfectly to the upcoming season. Whenever I am at MANGO I know I would find the piece I need. I was until today never disappointed about the brand, their products and quality. I think you can get really good quality at MANGO with affordable prices.

Because I really like to shop online the website is just amazing – because it’s all about you. is a place of inspiration, where you can get lost in fashion and find the products from different brands you love. It’s all about finding the right pieces for yourself. Because combines a large spectrum of different kind of brands you will always find the fashion you love – so do I. Finding these gorgeous pieces from MANGO.

About the outfit:
I combine this rose quartz pullover with the black overall both from MANGO. Because spring in Germany is still not that hot you need a between-seasons jacket. You can wear a light Bomber Jacket, Trench Coat or Cardigan to this overall or just like me a oversized pullover, which I can easily take off if its too hot. Because it’s been a long time I didn’t wear heels I just decided to combine to this look my fav heels, which I got from River Island in London and my favourite bag from Chloé. This look is chic and perfect for a dinner.
Hope you like this look!

Rose Quartz Pullover – MANGO
Overall – MANGO
Heels – River Island, similar here

GIVE AWAY Special – DAPHALE 2 Years Anniversary

2 years already passed and I really want to thank you all for being true and loyal to DAPHALE. During the last 2 years I learned a lot about blogging and gained so much experienced and love from you guys. I went through hard times as well as really good times. After 2 years I can tell you there are always days where you are doubting  yourself and just feel like you want to give up and let everything go. BUT no – never give up on your dreams, because someday everything will be paid off. All the late nights and early mornings, all the fears and tears will be gone. Also you might recognized that my blog got a new design ! I am really proud and happy of this change – this was the next big step for me. Behind this blog are many amazing and passionate people who are helping me to turn DAPHALE to what it is today – many thanks to you guys for all this support!

As a thank you, for always supporting me, I have a special Give Away for you – a 100€ coupon by

How to win a 100€ Coupon by

1. Follow me on Instagram
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Everyone located in Germany can participate.
End of giveaway contest : 13.April 2016
Winner will be announced here.

GOOD LUCK & Much Love



Wie ihr ein 100€ Gutschein von gewinnen könnt

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Jeder, der in Deutschland wohnt kann hier teilnehmen.
Gewinnspielende: 13.April 2016
Gewinner wird hier announced.
VIEL GLÜCK & Küsschen



  • WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT : The Winner is NUKY – Congratulations cutie !

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 16.23.03

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I would love to have this lovely jumper from .



Hammer Schuhe???


Ich liebe diese Jacke! Die würde ich mir sofort kaufen, falls ich den Gutschein gewinnen sollte ??❤


Diese Schuhe einmal zum mitnehmen bitte! 😀


Nie wieder unendlich lange, umherfliegende Schnürsenkel! Nie wieder Schuhe binden! 😀

…und frecherweise lasse ich meine Blogadresse da:

:-* xo, Nini

Inspiriert durch deinen Artikel ????


Würde mir sofort diesen Trenchcoat holen! 🙂


Die Taschen würde aufjedemfall zu meine frühlingsoutfits passen 🙂 würde mich suuuper freuen wenn ich den Gutschein gewinnen würde! Ich würde mir sofort die Taschen holen!

Liebe Grüße


Herzlichen Glückwunsch NUKY !! Du bist die Gewinnerin dieses Give Aways 🙂 Wünsche dir viel Spaß beim Shoppen
Schau in deinem Postfach für weitere Infos.

Liebe Grüße,


Ich freue mich riesig!! 🙂 Danke dir Nhi!
Ich kann es kaum erwarten ?

Liebe Grüße


Ich würde mir diesen süßen roten Jumpsuit holen!


I would love to have this ❤️


Omg dieses Oberteil ich liebe es?
Ich liebe einfach die farbe pink☺️
Ich würde mir so gern von AboutYou einen Calvin Klein T-Shirt zulegen! Aber war immer zu geizig 50€ auszugeben für ein shirt & der 100€ Gutschein kann es mir ermöglichen☺️


Ein schöner Blog hast du ? werde jetzt hier öfters kommen!

Also wenn ich den Gutschein gewinnen würde, dann würde ich mir die holen. Perfekt für den kommenden Sommer ?

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