I think many of you guys are wondering and are also very confused by why I am called “Rich Kid Thao Nhi Le” by the media and press in Vietnam. I actually do not really approve my new nickname but I accepted it because it just followed me until now and I can’t seem to get rid of it.
Everything started with an Instagram repost by @richkidsofvietnam_ , me chilling at the pool with my two best friends Hien & Hong in Mykonos, Greece. Since then I got a huge shoutout and my new nickname „Richkid Thao Nhi Le” was born.
I already explained in many articles that I am not this kind of “rich kid” people expect me to be.
So now I wanna explain this matter to you here, on my personal facebook page, because I think it’s time to let you know what all of this means to me.
Ever since this nickname I kinda feel a some weight on my shoulders. It feels weird having a nickname which doesn’t really reflect my real life, the real me. I am coming from a privileged family (which was not privileged from the beginning because my parents were immigrants), but I worked very hard for everything in my life since I was 14. I worked for my passion and this was everything that mattered to me, until today. Nothing has changed. I worked and saved money to enjoy traveling and to treat myself sometimes with nice designer bags and shoes. Of course my parents supported me with everything I wish to do and to have, but I just prefer to do it on my own.
What I wanna tell you is that I wasn’t born rich. And the word “Rich” can be defined in many ways. Rich doesn’t just mean to be a wealthy person or having abundant possessions. So guys, Let’s see it in a different perspective. See me as a girl, rich in kindness, rich in intellectuality, rich in creativity, rich in friendliness and so on. There are many ways to be rich, right?
Why should it only be rich in materialistic things ?
This is what I am thinking and this is what I am. I am not this kind of girl who would put money over everything.
So, please guys, I hope you don’t judge me and don’t hate me for keep be called a “rich kid”. This is a positive way to think and just a way for me to accept this nickname. LOVE YAAAA

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