Literally magic in Marrakech!

Behind its medieval walls, Marrakech has more authentic riads than any other city in North Africa. These spectacular mud brick mansions – with their citrus and palm planted courtyards – are oases of calm in the hectic medina. Metre-thick walls block out street noise, so that when the door closes on the hubbub, you can hear only the burbling fountains. These days, many of these historic houses have been renovated into beautiful guesthouses, the best of which are not just marvels of Moroccan craftsmanship, but unforgettable experiences of Marrakshi hospitality.

Who walks through the winding and narrow streets of the medina of Marrakech sees only then what splendour hides behind the walls, if you dare to knock on a door and get admitted. All of a sudden you leave the hustle and bustle of the city and find yourself again in a green oasis and immediately you feel transported to another world.

We had the pleasure to be in an oasis in the middle of the city. The Amazing Riad Up, every centimetre of this place is well thought and the attention to details is the best I’ve seen. Staff members are helpful, friendly and professional.

Thank you Riad Up for having me. I loved the amazing vibe, the peacefulness and the lovely hospitality.

But hey pictures tell more than 1000 words so here we go!

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