Hey guys,

we think it is the right time now to tell you something about our relationship. You probably already guessed it because we are not posting intimate pictures together as we used to do… and sadly it is true. We parted ways as lovers.

But we grew stronger as working partners. It has been a tough time we two went through, but it was never an option to let DAPHALE go, because this blog is our passion and our “baby” in which we put so much love, care and effort into it.
We kept arguing about random stuff, having difficulties in communication and had just different mindsets, but the biggest problem was that we grew away from each other. In our age it is normal that people are looking for themselves, trying to find their own identity, figuring out what is their purpose in life… And sometimes in this chaos of emotions and thoughts you just drift apart from each other. We both did mistakes, but we always loved each other truly and tried to figure things out. Nothing in the world is easy or perfect, and it is always important to compromise and making the best out of it.
In the end, after almost three years we were just unhappy with ourselves and our relationship. We needed to move on and to let things go, letting all insecurities, bad energy and unsatisfactions go from ourselves, and to be ready to take new changes. However, we never stop caring about each other until today. We spent our whole university life together, a big and important time period in our lives. We experienced so much together, seeing each other growing and travelled together to so many beautiful places. It may be weird to you, that we are still seeing each other, laughing together and working together, but this is life and this is what you create. We decided to remain, friends and partners because there was no reason why we should hate each other. Sometimes, people change, emotions change and you have to go through the process. 

Photos by Daniel Walcher

Its frightening but by coincidence the MV we made with Mr. Siro mirrors similar moments. Here you can watch it again if you missed it 🙂


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So motivating. I think people should have the same mindset and broader vision like you guys do. I root for both of you in your indibidual endeavour. I havrbeen following the two of you since one year back. Lots of love ❤❤


Thank you so much! 🙂 Happy that people appreciate our mindset and vision! <3

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