IMG_2742 IMG_2816 Pacifico Berlin – Korean Fusion IMG_2817 IMG_2819 IMG_7562 SEEK Berlin IMG_7551 IMG_2740 IMG_2727 Amrit – Indian Food IMG_2822 IMG_2827 POP Up Store OPM IMG_2768 IMG_2826 IMG_2824 IMG_2830 IMG_2836 IMG_2832 IMG_2893 YamYam – Korean Food IMG_2946 IMG_3016 Wataru Tominaga Fashion Show IMG_2846 IMG_3036IMG_7919 IMG_7927 Wearing SKAGEN Essentials IMG_2942 IMG_2974 IMG_2975 At SO-TO Store with Amy Pham – IMG_3066Skirt – Levi’s | Sneakers – Vans Oldskool | Bucket Bag – Brandy Melville | T-shirt – Zara
IMG_3067 IMG_2981 Adidas Gazelle Event IMG_3117 IMG_3529 IMG_3120 IMG_3118 IMG_7965 Wearing VILA All Black | Zara Mules IMG_3380 IMG_3329 IMG_3331

Oh Berlin, how we love you so much!
It’s not because it’s fashion week that we are so in love with Berlin.
Berlin is a special city, with cool people, tons of good restaurants and a vibe you won’t find anywhere else. Most of my friends are living in Berlin and this makes my stay even more fun. During the fashion week we had a quite full time schedule and couldn’t make it to all events and shows we wanted to go. At some point you were just like “Fuck this, let’s go eat and chill” haha. Usually we are eating really healthy and eat only specific things, but in Berlin there were just too many good options and we could not resist. So what did we eat during our stay?

– Pacifico, a Korean fusion restaurant which offers fries mixed with kimchi, different kind of rice bowls and burgers
– Amrit – Indian Food
– YamYam – Korean Food with Dim sum, Dumplings, Noodle Soups, Ramen and Rice Bowls
– Burgers, which you can find everywhere
– Arirang – Korean BBQ, very yummy and totally cheap
– Transit – Vietnamese Indonesian Fusion, served as tapas
– Bubble Tea Come Buy
– Deck 5, Cocktails and small snacks

Besides eating, we checked out some exhibitions, like SEEK and PREMIUM. If you are going to these exhibitions just plan a lot of time. They are huge with a loooot of brands. We personally prefer Seek, because there are more urban street style brands, which gives the whole a cool and casual vibe. Unfortunately, we only made it to one fashion show by Wataru Tominaga. His designs are colorful with extravagant materials and textures. It was a great Show and I like his designs, they were something different with artistic vibe. The best thing about the fashion week are the side events from different fashion stores and brands. Most of the events were for the public and you can just go there, having free drinks and sometimes free food, which is totally yummy. We have been to the event at SO-TO Store in Torstraße (one of my favorite menswear street style store in Berlin), Adidas Gazelle Exhibition, Wood Wood Store Opening, OPM Pop Up store and some others as well. And besides all fashion events and shows, there were a lot of cool parties to go and to meet new people. The week was a little bit exhausting, like usually for fashion week, but we had a lot of fun!

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WOW was für geile Bilder! Seht mal wieder absolut klasse aus ihr zwei 😉

Liebe Grüße
Bernd –


Wow – ganz tolle Bilder! Das sieht wirklich nach viel Spaß aus! Ich hoffe, ihr habt spannende Entdeckungen gemacht.
LG, Maik |


Fantastic look

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