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N(h)i Hao!

Welcome to Hong Kong!
After six weeks in Vietnam we flew to Hong Kong. This was my first time in this city and won’t be my last time. I am really in love with this amazing city. Hong Kong is just craaaaazzzyyy and it is also crazy expensive haha. Hong Kong is a small city but full of energy and passion. The time in Hong Kong just flew by so fast. I can’t believe that I am leaving now.
The best thing about Hong Kong is the shopping for sure. It’s just amazing man ! There were a lot of stuff from “cheap” to expensive luxury and from basic clothes to crazy designer stuff. I love Hong Kong fashion. There were so many things I wished I could buy haha. Also Hong Kong is for sure a sneaker city – almost everyone is wearing sneakers and the sneaker shops were unbelievably cool. They are offering special limited sneakers which you can only buy in Hong Kong. A lot of choices to spend money on haha. Even I went crazy and spent more money on fashion than I should have. Hope I won’t be broke in Shanghai.Good thing I have my boy with me – so he can be my backup haha.
But there was only one thing I really didn’t like and couldn’t understand about this city were the taxi drivers. It was ridiculous ! It is so difficult to get a cab. Even if you are right on the main shopping street or party street or wherever in Hong Kong it was so difficult to get one. They saw you and just drove away. Even when they stopped and asked you where you wanted to go, they will not transport you if it was too far or too close, so they just shut the windows and drove away. No words. Sometimes we had to wait about half an hour just to take a cab…

But I won’t complain too much and tell you guys what I did so far:

1st Day: We arrived late in Hong Kong and were so tired and fell asleep immediately when arriving in our small hotel room. It’s standart that rooms in Hong Kong are about 5-10 qm. Of course if you pay more you get more. Even my friend who is living in Hong Kong got a 5 qm room for 1000€/month. That’s crazy man haha.
There were two parts – a Western Hong Kong Island and Eastern more traditional side in the North. We stayed at the Eastern site in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) and this was a really good choice. Living at the Eastern side was way more exciting, more food choices and of course a lot of tourism. Hong Kong Island has the bigger skyline with all the financial buildings and of course the party street. Because we were tired we only had a super nice Dim Sum dinner in Jordan with my friend Chia from Germany.

2nd Day: That was our shopping day in TST.
You can go shopping at : DMOP, the one mall, Silvercord mall and Harbour City mall.
I really iked the Silvercord mall because there was the I.T Store ( Korean fashion designer clothes for a good price ). Also there was one of the most handsome guy I have seen in my entire life even my boyfriend couldn’t resist to admit it. I wished I could take a pic with him … Tall, white, all black stylish clothes, handsome and perfect hair cut – soooo hoot. But I have to say that in HK there are a lot of handsome guys and beautiful Girls.
In the afternoon we went to Mongkok for food and checked out the Sneakerstreet and Ladys market.
In the sneakerstreet were different sneaker shops next to each other, like Adidas, Vans, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Puma, Supra, Sketchers, Reebok, and so much more. The special thing was there were a lot of models I never saw before in Germany, also models which were released on HK first before they come to Europe.
The food on Mongkok was for sure the cheapest in town haha. Everywhere else you would pay at least 30€ for two people. We spent only 10€ for two people and it was super yummy and no streetfood.
On the ladys market you could find several little things and souvenirs.
A friend of mine in SF introduced me to his best friend Erick who has been living in HK for a few years now. We met him this day and he showed us the nightlife in HK. It was just crazy fun!! Too many bottles of alcohol and champagne and we went to 3 places that night. All super cool places … First we were at Tazmania Ballbar, then headed to a secret bar ( no name ) and the aftershow party was at Play Club all on the Lan Kwai Fong Street. I am really thankful to meet Erick. He is just an amazing guy. Thank you for taking care of us !

3rd Day: We woke up late and not flawless at all haha.
We ate lunch at I -square mall in TST ( restaurant : Shanghai popo ). I really recommend this place – the food was absolutely delicious and it had a really nice location too.
After lunch we walked to the Ferry Pear and took the ferry to Hong Kong Island, the western part.
We went to the Hipster area ( Hollywood Road / SOHO ). In this area you can find different nice small designers, coffee shops, restaurants and cool places to take pictures, we spent like about 1-2 hours just for taking pics. You should definitely check these streets out : Sheung wan – square street, Dough street is WOAW Store : elephant grounds (cafe – cookie ice cream) ,
pmq building at aberdeen street (pop up stores). At cat street gallery’s was a really cute and delicious waffle place – I forgot the name of it but you would find it for sure because the street is rather short.
On Saturday night we didn’t stay at home of course. We met Chia and some friends of her, all from Germany and went to Sevva Bar on top of a hotel in Kong Kong Central. Because it was already late ( 11pm ) most of the skyline lights were dark. The pics were still nice though.
After drinking too expensive beer ( 12€/beer ) we went again to Tazmania Ballbar to meet Erick and his friends. That night was a long night… After dancing we went to a Karaokebar and sung, screamed, and ate until almost 7 am in the morning haha. This was so much fun and exhausting at the same time.

4th Day : We woke up even later and even less flawless.
Today we went shopping on the western side at Causeway Bay. This area is really big and there were a lot of places to find good fashion. For Example there is a Street called “Fashion Walk”. There you can find almost everything and really nice, cool, fancy and special fashion items. On Haven Street not so far from fashion walk are small Restaurants and Cafés. My favorite ice cream shop is called ISEE ISEE – right next to Haven Street. Also you have to try the Hong Kong pancakes, because they are super super yummy ! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and also with different flavors.
For shopping there is also a big I.T store in Causeway Bay which you should check out. I bought most of my clothes at the I.T stores and my limited XT-1 Puma sneakers on Fashion walk at the store LIGER. Even most of the shops are quite expensive you should check them all out either for inspiration or whatever. Maybe you can find something nice. Also there are two stores which you should check out for sure – the SOGO department store and at the Times Square the Lane Crawford store. Here are mostly high end fashion items but it’s really worth it to take a look. I wish I would be really rich so I can buy all stuff there haha.

5th Day : today was our sightseeing day. Some culture is always good. So we went to the big Buddah which was quite far away. You can take the metro to the end station Tung Chung and from there you must take the Cablecar to the base where the big Buddah is placed – On top of a Green Mountain. After climbing hundreds of steps to get to the Big Buddah we had a enchanting view over the sea and the nature, which was just breathtaking. The next station was the Peak. This is a platform where you can see Hong Kong from above and it’s really really beautiful. You can take the peak tram which is nice or just take the cap to the Peak.
After an exhausted but wonderful sightseeing day we had our last dinner in Hong Kong with Chia. Today we ate Japanese hotpot which was so yummy ! After 11pm me and my love got some drinks on top of Hong Kong at Ozone – the highest bar of the world on top of Ritz Carlton Hotel.
That was a Lovely Last Night in Hong Kong – but as I told in the beginning … I will come back!

See u soon again HK!

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