For people who have long-term relationships, I feel deep respect. Whether it is 50, 100 or 300 km, I respect the people for always keeping each other and loving each other. The ability to have patience, trust and understanding is a testament to maturity. Most people simply do not understand how difficult it is to have a long-distance relationship. If you have a long-distance relationship, you always have skepticism in everyday life. “How often do you see your friend?” “Oh, only once every month.”

But for that reason, one should love each other even more. It shows that it is not only about physical attraction, but about emotional attachment.
If someone is in such a relationship, which demands so much from both sides, a special bond is created. A bond that is so unique. Your emotional strength will exceed your physical. The distance makes your love stronger. You may be physically separate but your mind, your feelings always remain connected.
And after days, weeks or even months, nothing feels better than the feeling you have when you meet each other again. Every kiss, every hug, every touch and every breath will be valuable and memorable. Most people do not appreciate this since they have it every day.
But in a long-distance relationship, you are stuck at every moment, because every moment might be the last one.

Nhi and I live in different cities. We have 250 km between us but this has never torn us apart. Of course we had our fights but this made us stronger and helped to understand each other more. We build a deep bond and today is our 2 years anniversary. And hopefully more to come 🙂

Ok, enough with the deepness. Now more about fashion. I usually see Nhi only on weekends. We only shoot on these days so I always need to bring more outfits to shoot. I needed a cool and big weekender to store my outfits and I found mine with Zign. This outfit was one of my Fashionweek outfits.  I combined my new marine Parka, a gift from Nhi with grey pants and a beige knit. Very casual but still chic with my black lace up boots. What do you think?

Parka – COS
Knit – Ben Sherman
Pants – Zara – Similar
Boots – Zign
Scarf – H&M – Similar
Weekender – Zign


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Sehr sehr schönes Outfit mein lieber! Vorallem für das derzeitige Wetter ist der Look ja wie gemacht! 🙂

Viele liebe Grüße
Bernd –

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