– 01.February.2014 –
This is my first Outfit-shoot for DAPHALE. These Photos were made in Munich by my Boyfriend Linh and my friend and Blogger Thu Huong Le. It was a really cold day but we had to do this, so we clenched our teeth^^. Although we were exhausted after 4 hours of shooting, we were happy after seeing our good results. It was worth it! My outfit today is more chic and classic, but the pants makes the look more cool. ¬†Usually I never wear “baggy pants”, but these I really love. The shape and fabric of those are super cool – whether you mix it with a chic blouse or just a t-shirt , the pants will always turn your outfit into a fresher one!

Pants – Prps
Crop Jumper – Zara
Shirt – Pieces
Coat – Piu&Piu
Hat – h&m
Earings – Floralpunk

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