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Gey hair, silver hair, granny hair, trendy hair everywhere…
Grey hair is no longer something to hide! Lately this hair color is the absolute trend. Scrolling through Instagram you can find a lot of beauties, models and also celebrities with silver granny hair. Grey is the new Blonde and is going to hit the catwalks and high streets this year. If someone is looking for a change and want to experiment with different shades or tones then this is the perfect look for anyone. After dying them so often my hair is really damaged and not that healthy anymore. But now I found Uniwigs, which offers different kind of wigs with synthetic and natural hair. With a wig I can change my look every day, depends on how my mood is, what I am wearing and to what occasions I am going to. The wig from Uniwigs is the first wig I ever tried in my life and I am really surprised how great and comfortable it is. The wig looks more natural than expected, the hair is shiny, soft and light weighted. I think for this price the wig from Uniwigs is really worth it. Uniwigs is a company with design center in LA and production in Asia. Design, development, production, quality control and sales – Uniwigs controls every step of the hair making process and ensures high Uniwigs quality. That’s how they ensure the good quality of any wig.
I am really satisfied with my “Silver Lace Front Wig” by Uniwigs and love it really much. It is a good alternative to dye your hair. To reach this color result with my natural dark brown hair is probably impossible or only to the disadvantage of my hair . So I am recommending you to rather spend money on a good quality wig than to dye your hair. I also have a little coupon code for you guys , with 10%off for any wig on Uniwigs website: LB10


Here more information about my wig:

• Heat Friendly Fiber – For optimum results, we recommend you keep your heating tools at a setting between 200-250. Do not exceed 350 degrees.
• Lace Front- Creates the appearance of a natural hairline and allows for styling away from the face.
• Cap Design – Cool comfortable design for all day wearing.
• Adjustable Straps – allows you to loosen or tighten the cap up to a half inch.

Try the “shake and go” method. Many styles need only a good shake or finger styling and they’re ready to wear.
For tight curly or ringlet styles, just give the wig a vigorous shake, then gently lift and separate the curls with a pick comb or your fingers. DO NOT BRUSH.
For wavy styles with loose curls, brush lightly with a wig styling brush or pick comb using short, lifting strokes – just enough to relax the style.
For long curly styles use your fingers or a pick comb to gently lift and separate the curls. DO NOT BRUSH.
For straight styles brush in long, even, gentle strokes from the crown to the ends for a smooth, sleek look.
After each wearing, spray the ends of your wig with wig conditioner. Gently remove any tangles.

Gently brush the wig to remove teasing or tangling with a wide tooth comb. When brushing, start at the ends and work your way to the roots.
Fill a basin with cool water with synthetic wig shampoo. Never use hot water.
Soak your wig for 3-5 minutes, Gently swirl without rubbing.
Remove your wig from the basin, and thoroughly rinse in cool water.
Gently squeeze excess water and towel blot hair. Never twist or wring your wig.
Place on a folding wig stand, spray with leave-in conditioner, and allow to air dry.
When the wig is completely dry, it is ready to style. Never style a wet wig.

The best way to store your wig is to put it on a wig stand, which will help protect your wig from becoming tangled and soiled between wearings and it helps to maintain your wig’s style.
Store your wig in a clean place, away from dust, sources of high heat and excessive humidity.

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