Italy is always a good choice for a short vacation trip. Like every year during this time my family and I are travelling to some nice place to refresh our mind. Last year we have been to Barcelona and this time we decided to check out Pisa and Florence. We only stayed in Pisa for one night to see the leaning tower of Pisa. The city is very small and there is actually nothing to do, besides eating and chilling. We think one day in Pisa is totally enough. There was really nothing special besides the leaning tower. Also, we thought the tower would be much bigger. Still, it was very beautiful and unfamiliar to see something like this. I recommend to go early in the morning because there will be fewer tourists as during day and evening time. When you are in Pisa, we highly recommend you to take the bus to the beach – it is really clean and beautiful. Of course, it is not the most beautiful beach but it is good enough to chill and see the sunset. The next day we took the train from Pisa to Florence, which took us a lil bit more than 1 hour.

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Florence is one of Europe’s greatest art cities. Giotto’s frescoes, Michelangelo’s David, canvases by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and a host of other greats in the Uffizi Gallery… there’s so much exquisite art and architecture, it’s difficult to know where to start. Florence is lovely from late spring through to early autumn, when balmy temperatures, al fresco eating and drinking and a busy open-air arts and concert season make this one of Italy’s most vibrant summer destinations. During summer time we wouldn’t recommend to go to Toscana due to the super hot and dry weather. This is also the most popular period, when hotel rates are at their highest and the queues for the Uffizi Gallery are at their longest. This is the reason why we had to wait even more than one hour to get to the Accademia Gallery to see David although we went at 8AM.

We spend four days in Florence, and we would say it was a good time period to see everything without to hurry. Our Airbnb apartment was really close to the cathedral, so this was the first spot we checked out.  It was huge and just breathtaking in every detail. The photo below is a small street from our apartment to the cathedral. It looks really magnificent during sunset. Around the cathedral are all shopping areas and also a lot of small restaurants. On the next day, we stumbled around the city center and went from there to the Ponte Vecchio bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the world. On the bridge are a lot of small jewellery shops where you can explore the most expensive but also beautiful diamonds and gold jewelry. Also, we checked out the Boboli garden, which was impressive and very big. I think, we only saw one quarter of it, because it was just too hot to walk through it. We would suggest going there early in the morning or at evening when the sun is not burning you down.

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One of Nhi’s favorite cafes was for sure La Menagerie. The food was a lil bit too healthy though haha, but the location is beautiful and very instagram-able. We went here for a lunch and coffee break. This place is also a good working spot, because they have almost on every table a plug connector. During our stay in Florence was also the Pitti Uomo fair,  so you would see a lot of stylish people around the streets and also at this cafe. In the evening, before 8PM, you should definitely climb up the tower of Arnolfo to see this wonderful view over Florence. The view was breathtaking and really romantic to see the sunset on top of Florence. You have to pay to enter this tower, but it is not that expensive and we think it was worth it! For dinner we went to eat some florence T-bone steak because this is very popular in Florence. You can get  about 1Kg Steak for only 40 Euro and the Steak was really good. I think there are a lot of restaurants who offer this steak, one of the best one was called “Osteria di Giovanni” but we couldn’t get a table anymore, because they were like booked out for the next three days.

On the photo below you can see T.’s Outfit for the Pitti Uomo fair and also a snapshot of some other stylish men. The guys were all dressed up in suits in different colors and combinations. Some were dressed up way too much, but this is how fashion is right? Overall, the people were all looking amazing, also the fair was great with really great brands. This was our first time at this fair as well and it was great to see this in real life.

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On this video you can see some snapshots from our family trip to Pisa and Florence:

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Wow, this looks so much fun! You two are always stylish wherever you go. I love the plates of food as I’m hungry right now, lol. Also, I adore that picture of you two together, so very sweet! 🙂


Ich liebe Florenz! Habe mich schon als Kind in die Stadt verliebt. Was Pisa angeht, bin ich auch ganz deiner Meinung.
Schön mal gesehen zu haben, aber mehr als einen Tagesaufenthalt würde ich auch nicht empfehlen.

Sehr toller Bericht!
Bernd –


This is beautiful! Thank you!

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