It’s finally that time of the year again! Vday – One of my favourite days.
I am one of the girls, who are totally in love with cheesy things, like flying heart balloons, colourful cupcakes, everything that is pink and of course beautiful flowers.
This year I did not only get some random flowers but a beautiful flowerbox with shades of pink roses which you can get from GRACE. My bouquet is called “Pastell Love” – a really cute name and perfect for Valentines day! I have to admit, that this flowerbox really made my day. The flowers are fresh, smelling light and pleasant, in addition this black box with these auroral roses are just the perfect combination – my two favorite colors combined together!
The Black Box is a limited edition so hurry up and get yourself or for your beloved ones a pretty fresh flowerbox by GRACE. The flowers are fresh from Holland and create by the Grace Team to a bouquet. Every box is customised – you can go to the website, choose the color and size of your box and what flowers you want to have inside the box. If you want to send the box with a personal message card, the Team would handwrite a card for you as well. My flower box is a medium size, you can get a even bigger one or also a box in small.
This time I do not only get a gift for my man but also for for my readers! So if you want to get one one of these beautiful boxes you can save some money with this discount code “daphale which is valid until 31.March.2017.  Usually, the flowers will remain for about two weeks and after that  you can use this box as an interior detail in your room. Check GRACE’s Instagram for more inspirations!

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I’m a sucker for cheesy things around VDay too so that flower box looks beautiful! I love the presentation of it, the beautiful colors, and I bet it smells wonderful! Thank you for introducing me to them because I want these flowers! I may just slide the website to my bf =]

Danielle | <3

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