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1. Before I use foundation for my skin I use a little bit moisturizing cream – it’s better for your skin and also the foundation look softer. One of my favorite foundation is from L’oreal “Le Teint” and from Clinique “Even Better”. They look really natural!

2. For eye circles I always use Camouflage from Artdeco – that’s the best way to cover the circles, but don’t use too much of it, just a light layer. I don’t like concealer products. To fix the foundation and everything you have to use a light powder.

3. On our face, I think one of the most important parts are the eyebrows! Most of the girls has really bad eyebrows and it destroys the whole beautiful face of them. You musn’t make them look too thin – they should look natural. I use for my eyebrows Chanel eyebrow powder.

4. After that I use some nude and bronze color of the NAKED palette for my eyes. Try to look as natural as possible. Less is more! Never use too much of anything . you don’t want to look like a Barbie and also guys like girls with less make-up more^^ ( Nhi’s personal Tip)

5. Now the most important part : My Eyeliner! This has to look perfect – the line has to be clean and soft. I alsways draw it from inside to outside the eyelid. Usually everyone draw it from outside to inside, but for me personally the other way is much easier. Also I prefer using Gel-Eyiner from Maybelline or L’oreal.

6. After the most difficult part. I use the Mascara to finish the eye-part. Actually why I don’t often use mascara is because my lashes are so short, that no mascara of the world could make them look longer ^^ But still if I use mascara, I prefer the “Diorshow Iconic” or from Helene Rubinstein the “Lash Queen Waterproof”.

7. Finally to highlight your facial contour, I use Bronzing Powder from Artdeco or from Body Shop. Important is that you have to apply it from outside your face to inside.
With the bronzing powder or rouge you can conjure different facial contours, for example if you have a wide face, like me, you can make it look “thinner” with the powder on your cheeks.

8. If you want you can use some rosé or nude lipstick. I like to use the “Rouge Allure Velvet” Number 34 La Raffinée from Chanel.



Looking beautiful and natural everyday !

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