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Beautiful and warm sunlight, please don’t leave again!
Finally it’s march, but it is still very cold. This week was a mix of snow, rain and sunshine.
The weather just sucks and makes me tired all the time.
Besides of the weather something big happened this week – I hope you recognize the change of DAPHALE hihi. After almost two years I finally have the perfect design for my blog.
You can’t imagine how happy I am. Thanks to all my friends, who helped me to create this.
Soon Daphale will have its 2 years Birthday – but I want to talk about it another time…

Today shortly about this outfit.
Even the sun is shining it is still very fresh outside, so I prefer to wear one of my fav knits. This jumper is not really new, but still one of my fav pieces. Because the shape is kinda fancy I just combine it with a normal skinny jeans. To make this look cool and chic at same time I choose a ripped jeans. I bought this Jamie Ripped Jeans at Topshop and it is the best jeans I ever had in my life. It just fits my body perfectly. I think I am wearing this pair almost 4 times a week haha. Also I pimp this look with my fav daily bag from Stella McCartney. This bag is for sure one of my best purchases this year. It has the perfect size, shape and looks cool with any outfit. Certainly, if you would wear just a jeans and t-shirt this bag is going to pimp the whole outfit.
To keep the focus on my knit jumper I just put my hair lightly into the turtle neck. In my opinion you can always put your hair into a little bundle under your turtle neck and the whole look gets a chic vibe.

Jumper – PepeJeans, similar here
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Shoegeeks
Bag – Stella McCartney

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Oh lovely, this look is so amazing! I just love the chunky knit jumper! ♥♥♥

Have a great day,

Lots of love
Monique xx

MOD – by Monique


Thank you so much Monique 🙂

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