The last weeks I was busy studying for my exams and tomorrow I will be finished! Finally! I am looking forward to being a free girl again haha. Studying every day and night is so exhausting. My mind is just drifting everywhere else – thinking about my blog, about fashion, shopping, my future, about my next vacation and also the upcoming Milan Fashion Week. There are so many things which are distracting me. But I will nail the last exam Tomorrow and after this, I promise you guys, I will be back with more content!

But for now, I present you my last outfit shooting I did quickly during my break.

Embrace the It-Girl hot shade of the season. Channel your inner Edith Piaf with soft rose or pink details! I usually never wear the colour pink or soft rose, even though it is my favourite colour since childhood. But this bag is so cute and this colour is probably any girls favourite colour.

It is already February and I am really looking forward to spring. I can not stand this freezing, dark and gloomy weather anymore – it just turns myself tired and even lazier. To bring a little bit spring and love in my life I choose to get a light rose luxury bag by Âme Moi, a brand which has its roots in the countryside of Portugal. Âmw Moi draws its inspiration from its rich Portuguese heritage while considering the need of the woman of today.

This bag is one of the upcoming spring collection which you can soon buy online. I think this bag is really cute, it is small, elegant and very chic due to the golden details on the side of the bag. Also, you should get yourself a pink or soft rose bag for this upcoming spring – this will be the It-Colour of the season! Next week is Valentines Day, so why don’t treat yourself with a pretty pink bag? In the slide below you can find further inspirations for pink bags as well.

Fur Jacket – Secondhand, similar here
Bag – Âme Moi, similar here
Pullover – Vila, similar here
Jeans – Zara, similar here
Sneakers – Adidas, similar here

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Wie genial ist denn der Look bitte? Die Kombination der Jacke ist dir perfekt gelungen! 🙂

Viele liebe Grüße
Bernd –


Aw you look oh so chic in this outfit, I can’t believe you had braved the chill in those ripped jeans, hehe. The rose pink bag is really stunning, I would so love to get a bag like that. The gold details just make it even more chicer! You look gorgeous, Nhi! Don’t forget to slay your exams and come back with more posts!! 😀 xx

Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary


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