Hey guys,

soon it’s a new year and I am totally excited and looking forward to 2018! I am sure 2018 is going to be an awesome year with so many good memories, nice challenges and goals! I am getting closer and closer to my dream and this is something very exciting for me. Soon I will let you know more about my upcoming project and I hope you are all supporting me. This will be the next big step in my life and I am happy to have you all by my side.

This is my latest spontaneous editorial shoot with my favourite hometown photographer and friend Leon! We love the results of this shoot and the vibes are super cool.
I wish you and your family and all beloved ones a happy new year and may all of your dreams come true. DREAM BIG and escape your comfort zone!

Photos by Akutphoto

Clothes by B.REBEL

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Hi Nhi, how are you? I really love this photoshoot concept. It must be freezing and you look completely relaxed and so effortless. Congrats on your new project, I cannot wait to know more about it and I wish you a very healthy and happy 2018 <3

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