For today’s look I am wearing my new straight denim jeans with mesh tights and my old basic Chelsea boots. These Chelsea boots are old but still one of my favorite shoes. This is the reason why I love basic items, because they are never out of style and easy to combine with everything. Last year skinny jeans and mom jeans were very trendy, but this year straight cut jeans are one of the denim pieces you should have in your wardrobe. This is a laid back outfit for everyday life.

The key piece of this look is my big black leather shopping bag, called O’Bag by Marc O’Polo. Marc O’Polo’s brand ethos stands for individuality, quality and freedom in style and personality. Just be yourself and follow your nature. This is what this brand is all about. For MOP’s 50th anniversary they also launched their O’ Collection with different cool prints from artists on shirts and sweaters. On the inside of the O’Bag you can see the same prints. This O’bag is a limited edition with individual numeration and I was one of the lucky ones who had the chance to get one of this super nice bag. But the special thing about this bag is not only the authentic leather, the prints and design, but for every sold bag MOP is going to donate 10€ for the charitable “Kinderkunsthaus” in Munich. The Kinderkunsthaus is an open art workshop for all generations, where children can experiment with traditional and modern techniques of art and creativity in a self-determined way.





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How awesome that they direct their proceeds to the charity! About your look – What can I say? Beyond stylish? Hehe. I like the cut of your jeans, I need to get a pair like that myself..and the peek of mesh under it? So punk chic. I do like the look of that bag, its oversizedness ensures that you’ll always enough room for everything 😀 <3

Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

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