Today is women’s day and I wanna wish all girls and women out here a wonderful day! Be who you are, believe in yourself, do whatever you love to do, no matter what other people may say or think. This is what we all should manifest everyday – love ourselves more to have the strength giving more love. Somehow it sounds very easy and we all may think that we love ourselves but truly we have to work on this every single day. Even I have sometimes insecurities, but every insecurity, every sign of self hate and anger won’t help us to grow. I founded @daphalestudios to have the chance to share this message with you every day. I want us women to be brave, powerful, kindhearted and fearless! Show what you got in your mind and your soul.


” Beauty isn’t seen by eyes.
It’s felt by hearts,
Recognized by souls,
In the presence of love.” 

Photographer Hoang
Make Up Ryan

Lingerie and Silver Slip dress by Daphale Studios 

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