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Hope you had all an amazing summer! We have been travelling for more than one month through Vietnam and finally arrived in Bali for ten days. I will share with you guys what I did in Bali the last ten days. My Vietnam trip is coming a little bit later because it is going to be a lot of pictures I have to prepare.

So first what do you need for your amazing Bali trip?

  • A lot of sun cream
  • A motor bike (You can rent this everywhere, just ask your host/hotel)
  • Map on phone
  • Fresh and comfortable outfits
  • A good camera
  • Good Mood
  • Trading Skills ( here in Bali u need to trade every price – taxi, activities, shops and markets)



On our first day in Bali everyone were a little bit exhausted so we decided to chill at the beach and just doing nothing big for the whole day. We booked a very nice and luxury villa in Seminyak with Airbnb, which was very pretty, comfortable and for a good price. On the way to the beach you can find many small shops to buy cool souvenirs or Bali Style Clothes. Especially a lot of wood dildos in every size and colour catched our eye! Do you know why they selling that here so often? Pls Let me know haha. At the beach in Seminyak you can find a lot things to do.  There are plenty of cool bars and surfer stations where you can rent a board and also get a trainer. This is what we tried on our first day in Bali and it was really exhausting but funny. For dinner we ate at Wataru Indonesia (Jl. Pops 2 Gang Ronta Kuta-Bali), which is a local restaurant in Seminyak. Local food in Bali is really cheap and this place was also very delicious, especially the juices are awesome.

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Seminyak Bali Souvenirs




In Bali you can find plenty of nice cafes and restaurants with healthy organic food, which are yummy and also looking totally amazing. I checked this page here for nice cafes in Bali, which I can recommend you.

Our first delicious meal from the “want to check out list” was Sisterfields. It is not cheap as the local restaurants but we think it is still worth it!

After our brunch we decided to do a waterfall racing (we only made it to two waterfalls though but this is a lot for a day in Bali). As you can see in the map Bali is very small and most things are close to each other but you still need a lot of time and patience to get to your destinations. Because there is always traffic on the roads and the streets are not as good enough to drive fast like you use to do in Germany. In average 15km are about an hour drive depending on the traffic. But in and around Kuta we needed for 2km often enough 20 minutes!

The two waterfalls were on the eastern side of Bali around Gianyar and about one hour from Seminyak with the motor bike. Blangsinga is the biggest waterfall in Bali with of course the most tourists. It is really beautiful but for our taste too crowded. The next waterfall called Kanto Lambo was not far away from this one and it was not touristic at all. Most of the people there were locals.

Sisterield Bali

Bali Waterfall

Balangsinga Waterfall Bali


Photo 09-08-16 07 36 13

Kanto Lambo Waterfall Bali

Photo 09-08-16 08 47 55



Our sightseeing tour is going on and for the next day we planned to check out south Bali.  Our first stop was the Uluwato Water Temple which was very impressive and alluring – a whole temple build up on the edge of the cliffs over the blue ocean. On the way to the beach we found the Bukit Cafe which was even better than Sisterfields in our opinion. The interior is not only looking good but the food is also tasting awesome. The burgers here are also better than at Sisterfields but don’t get us wrong, at Sisterfields the food is really good too. After filling our tummys we needed  vitamine Sea so we head to the closest beach in this area: Jimbaran Beach.

At this beach you can see one of the most beautiful sunset in Bali while eating fresh seafood at the beach. Life can’t be better than this!

The night we spent in Seminyak and went to the party road “Poppies Lane” and checked out some bars and clubs. There are many options in here.
Ululate Temple Bali


Uluwato Temple Bali

Bukit Cafe Bali

Jimbaran Beach



Hotel chill Sintesa Resort (more details here)

On our 4th day in Bali we parted with our friends. Because everyone wanted to spent their time in different areas and had different plans. We spent our day relaxing at the Sintesa Jimbaran Resort.

Sintesa Jimbaran Resort



We woke up early to check out the Tegal Wangi Beach because at midday the flut is coming and it will be very dangerous there. This beach was 15 minutes with motor bike from Sintesa. It is very beautiful and there are not many tourists. I think because it is just not a beach to “swim” and there are also no people who are selling food or other stuff there. It’s just the beautiful nature. We spent a little bit time here taking some pictures and walking around. After this we went to another beach called Balangan Beach which is the “surfer beach”. Here are big surfer schools and a lot of surfer people. This beach has a beautiful view to the cliffs and the sunset as well.

For dinner we headed to Seminyak for dinner. We also checked out here on this website for some nice restaurants in Seminyak and we decided to go to Mamasan Thai Fusion Restaurant. This restaurant is very popular and was fully booked. We were happy that we got a table to enjoy this good food. We spent the evening in Seminyak and Legian, strolling around the streets and checked out some stores. In Legian you can find huge shops and all the shops you are familiar in Europe.

Tegal Wangi Beach Bali

Tegal Wangi Beach Bali

Balangan Beach



This day we wanted to check some other island next to Bali and we decided to go to Lembogan. First we wanted to go to Lombok but we had not enough time left to check out this big island. All our friends told us that Gilis are very touristic and they would rather check out Lombok. Lembogan is a very small island close to Bali and some people say it’s the love island. And it’s true there were a lot of couples there. We booked one day in advance a speedboat from Bali to Lembongan through an travel agency.  We payed 450 per person two ways and it took us only 40 minutes drive. We checked in our hotel and were snorkeling which was really funny. After that we rent a motor bike and drove to the dreambeach. The water was clean and blue, the sand was very smooth. This beach really deserve the name Dream Beach. Also at this beach you can find the only swinging! We spent the whole day there and also eat at the hotel restaurant at the dream beach. We had our hotel near the mushroom beach

Lembongan Bali

Photo 14-09-16 09 41 29


Lembongan Dream Beach Swing

Lembongan Snorkeling

Lembongan Dream Beach
DAY 7-9

The next day we went back to Bali and the woman from the speedboat company drove us to Ubud which was included in our price. At Ubud we enjoyed our lunch at KAFE which was awesome! They offer vegetarian als well as non vegetarian food. A big range of juices and smothies. After a while the driver from the Sukhavati Retreat picked us up at this cafe. This retreat has really the best service and the staff are so lovely! More about this retreat here.

The next day the driver of the retreat took us to the big rice terrace in Ubud but unfortunately it started to rain heavily. So we turned back to Ubud city and went shopping at the market first and then to the shopping street close by. After shopping we checked out a French restaurant close to cafe, called Kebun. The food was good but very expensive for what you get. This was our last night in Bali and we enjoyed the time being here. So many beautiful memories and adventures. Hope we are going to have many years together to see more of the world together!

Kafe Ubud

Sukhavati Retreat

Sukhavati Retreat

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