DAPHALE means rhinestone in Vietnamese and is a simple visual diary reflecting Thao Nhi Le’s & Duc T.’s personal style, love for fashion, travel and good food and all the little things in life that keep them busy and happy. Daphale was established in 2014 by Thao Nhi Le, the founder, chief content creator and creative head.

Thao Nhi is a young Vietnamese woman studying international fashion retail at the University of Reutlingen. Her hometown is Ulm, a rather small city in the south of Germany, but her heart lies in Hanoi. You will usually find her walking the streets wearing a black hat and a big smile on her face.

What is ‘fashion’ for them? For Daphale, fashion is a form of art, something vivid and extraordinary. Even though we like to associate ourselves with fashion every day, it never loses its touch and its potential to inspire and move us. Fashion is omnipotent, and yet it’s never dull or boring. Instead, fashion is a form of art that lives through humans, a breathing concept that keeps on giving and that connects us with one another, that celebrates our differences. In other words, fashion is a medium for self-expression and the spiritual bond to nature that connects us all.

‘Ars simia naturae’ – Art imitates nature

The men’s category was created by Thao Nhi’s partner, photographer and editor Duc T. Nguyen who joined the team in 2015. From that moment on Daphale has not only been a place of inspiration for women but also for men. Duc T. studies economics & mathematics at the LMU University in Munich and has always had a certain sense of fashion and wanderlust, which is why the combination of Nhi and T. is perfectly suited for a new fashionable story packed full of great adventures, tons of fun and extravagant food.

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