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My name is Thao Nhi Le and I’m 19 years old. I’m a German-Vietnamese girl studying International Fashion Retail at the University of Reutlingen. My hometown is the city of Ulm, a rather small city in the South of Germany, but Hanoi, Vietnam is where my heart is. My Vietnamese friends from Saigon call me “Little Lion” since I’m a very spirited bundle of energy – always the loudest person to be in a room laughing about small things in life. You will usually find me walking around the street with a big black hat and a smile on the face. I called my blog “DAPHALE”, which means rhinestone in vietnamese, as I wanted to share a simple and visual diary reflecting my own style, love for fashion and the small things in life that keeps me busy and happy – such as traveling and good food. Actually, I always wanted to make my own fashion and lifestyle blog since I was about 15 years old as I never found the confidence to do so but now I’m ready to give it a try. I hope you will all enjoy reading DAPHALE.

Much Love, Nhi

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