Room Bathroom 25Hours Hotels Hamburg Hafencity

Finally it’s weekend and this time we are traveling to Hamburg, also because it’s my Birthday! A place I have never been to. Luckily we had the chance to stay at one of our favorite hotels which is called 25 Hours Hotels. You can only find this hotel in amazing cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich and Hamburg. 25Hours Hotels are never mainstream and never look the same. Depending on which city you are staying at, the hotels are adjusted to each location. This makes each hotel of 25 Hours Hotels really unique. Also the atmosphere and vibe inside the hotels are very cozy and warm. Sometimes the interior design is cool, sometimes colorful, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes mundane – 25hours Hotels are rich in variety, full of surprises and fun which will make your stay unforgettable, just like ours.

In our 25Hours Hotel in Hamburg Hafencity we experienced the feeling to be a real captain! Designed as a home away from home, the rooms which look like cabins are super cozy and cute. Every little corner and features are inspired by the harbour and its endless adventurous stories.

Bathroom 25Hours Hotels Hamburg Hafencity

This hotel at Hafencity has 170 cabins, meeting space for more than 200 guests, club floor to relax, a nice harbour sauna and a restaurant with super delicious food!
We enjoyed every morning fancy breakfast at the buffet and we also had once dinner there. The burger and also Schnitzel was so yummy, perfect size and deep in taste.

Bathroom 25Hours Hotels Hamburg Hafencity Heimat Restaurant

If you are always on the move, always in motion this hotel will be just perfect for you guys. They offer a free MINI or a bike to explore your favorite city! We took this chance and explored Hamburg with a super new and beautiful MINI. We really have to admit MINIS are just so comfortable and easy to handle. It’s the perfect car to explore your favorite city.

Bathroom 25Hours Hotels Hamburg Hafencity

We really enjoyed our stay here and would come here again for sure. The staff were super friendly, very funny and always helpful. 25 Hours Hotels are a perfect stay for young and old people – people who are open for adventures, open-minded and excited to explore new things in life.

Thank you 25hours for having me!

Lobby Bathroom 25Hours Hotels Hamburg Hafencity


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Wow, what a hotel! It’s so cool and how nice that it comes with a free bike and car too, that’s so unique, heheh. I enjoyed looking through the photos, you captured the vibe of the place and it’s just stunning – thank you for showing! 🙂 xx

Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

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