This was one of my street style outfits for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. A more casual and minimalistic outfit with a touch of coolness. The key pieces of this look are for sure my leather midi skirt by VILA and my new Stella McCartney box bag. With the mesh tights, I am creating some grunge accent to break the strict casual look. Leather and mesh are two fabrics which perfectly fit each other. The combination of them will make any look more flashy and cool. Of course, you can create with these two fabrics, various outfits with sexy vibes, it just depends on how much skin you want to show ;). Usually, I am tending to wear a lot of black clothes, but luckily I found this super cozy fluffy navy blue pullover to give the whole outfit some color. The skirt is not made from authentic leather, but still, it really feels authentic, soft and doesn’t look like fake leather at all. Most of my leather goods and clothes are made of authentic leather because usually, I think why should you pay a lot of money for synthetic leather when you can actually buy this piece with real leather for the same price? But with the increasing technology in the textile industry, it is possible now to create authentic alike leather, which you really can feel and see on this skirt by VILA and also this bag by Stella McCartney, who is only using synthetic leather for her designer leather bags. You would never think these pieces are made out of bad quality fabrics and it is a good way to create sustainable fashion. I am really amazed about this and so happy that I got these new pieces. Furthermore, these leather boots from zign are totally comfortable with nice design and shape. These boots are more chunky than usual Chelsea boots, which helps to emphasize the coolness of this outfit.

Leather Skirt – VILA
Pullover – VILA
Falabella Box Bag – Stella McCartney
Boots – Zign
Beanie – Acne Studios
Mesh Tights – H&M – Similar

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Genialer Look meine liebe! Da hast du dir das Outfit ja für den perfekten Moment aufbewahrt!
Ich liebe solche Boots einfach!!!!

Wünsche dir ein tollen Wochenende!
Bernd –


Tolles Outfit! Besonders schön finde ich den Mantel in Kombi mit der schönen Tasche!
Alles Liebe,

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