It´s time for adventure and adrenaline!
And for me it was one of the best so far! It was a crazy ride with Digel – the menswear concept.
I was one of the 12 invited influencers which had the pleasure to jump out of an flying airplane from 4000m. Yes, I did SKYDIVING.

Flying about 15  minutes to 4000 meters, to the point where the door opens, the cold wind thrust against your face and you see how your colleagues vanish one by one. My heartbeat began to rise but I could’nt wait to get my turn to jump. For all those who know me, I am big adrenalin junkie so I had to do an backflip out of the aiplane. When you do it then with style, right? haha

Oh and of course perfectly dressed with the new Digel Move Active Suit (here).
Free falling with a body rushed of adrenalin. What a feeling! It really felt like I could fly. You feel amazing and free. I don’t know how to describe it. You should definitely try and feel it yourself.
After around 40 seconds ( it felt like way longer)  when the parachute opened I just enjoyed that breathtaking view. I was even allowed to fly and control the parachute which was amazing and felt like a rollercoaster which u could control. When we landed I was still pumped with adrenalin but sad that it was over! I will definitely fly again. Wanna join me?

Unfortunately Nhi could not attend the event with me but I met this cool photographer. So credit to David for the insane pictures! After that skydive I had another fitting for a smoking for the following dinner. Delicious!

It was an exciting event with lots of fun and class. All in all it was a huge experience for myself.  A big Thank you for  this great opportunity and for having me. More will definitely come! So stay tuned!

* Pictures were taking by David Güntsch


And last enjoy the video of the day.



                             In collaboration with Digel AG

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WOW! What an amazing adventure. At first I thought Nhi was the one skydiving and doing the back flip! Hahah 😀

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