Summer break started! I am so happy that we finally have a break and I am looking forward to our girls trip!
I passed all my exams and now I can go on the vacation with a free mind and soul. I am on break until mid-October, for now I have to work a little bit to save money for the girls trip. Hong and Hien are my best girls from Saigon and this is the first time meeting them two in Europe in about two weeks. I am really excited and right now I am planning the whole trip – what to do, what to eat, activities and booking all the hotels and flights. This is a really stressful job and I am so thankful that my boyfriend T. is helping me out. They are coming to my hometown Ulm first, then we are going to visit Munich for one day, in Berlin for three days, then flying over to Mykonos for three days and one day Santorini. Eventually, our final destination in Europe will be Paris! This will be a tight schedule because we are doing all these cities in only 10 days. SICK, but there is no other way because they have to go back to Vietnam for work. After Paris, I am flying to Vietnam for one month with the girls.

What are your plans for this summer? I hope you have more relaxed plans than me. Even though, the summer plans sound really stressful I am still looking forward to this trip! It will be insane!
Now more about this look. As you know I really like to wear monochrome and cold colours even during the summer. This look is very cool and minimalistic at the same time. I combined my favourite summer hoodie with a black denim dungaree-dress, Vans with white socks and my new sun-cap. This look is perfect for a chill-out day with friends, city walk and even for the university.

Sun Cap – Loevenich
Dungaree-Dress – H&M
Sneaker – Vans
White Hoodie – Weekday

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