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“Interweaving two books, slipping the pages one over the other, and the resulting bonds: this is my way of representing human relations, fates and conflicts. – Tibor Pataki “






– Three days in BUDAPEST –

We arrived late and were totally exhausted from the journey, but we couldn’t wait until the next day to discover Budapest.
The first thing we wanted to see was Budapest from above – that’s why we climbed on the Gellért Hill in the middle of the night.
Guided only by an Iphone Flashlight and scared of getting raped and murdered we were climbing through the darkness . But without any tragic occurances we finally reached the top and were rewarded by the breathtaking view over Budapest.

1st day
The next morning we woke up flawlessly (haha) and in good mood. We were super excited to have a nice brunch at the markethall, where hungarian food , vegetables, fruits and souvenirs were waiting for us… but sadly it was the worst meal Melly and I had for a long long time haha. We ate baked bread with hungary sausage and sausage covered in ham ( actually it sounds like how it tasted ).
After our super yummy breakfast we went to the city center for sightseeing and shopping(Vaci utca (street), Vörösmarti utca, Andrássy Avenue) .We really wanted to eat Kürtöskalács, that’s a typical hungarian pastry, which you have to try if you ever going to visit budapest…but it was kinda difficult to find. After walking several times along the Váci utca we finally found it by accident and were unnormally happy.
For sightseeing we visited the St. Stephen’s Basilika, walked along the Danube to the impressive Parliament. Thats’s actually our favorite building in Budapest.
We were lucky that we met some handsome soldiers in front of the Parliament. We couldn’t resist to take a selfie with the poor guy who wasn’t allowed to bustle. But he couldn´t resist to have a big grin on his face after our sexy photosession with him haha.

In the night we checked out the famous Jewish quarter with many cool bars and restarants. If you go to Budapest you have to visit „Gozsdu Udva“ – a small street with many bars next to each other.
Afterwards we end up in the „Ruinbar“ in the Kazinczy Utca:
It was kind of a broke building which was transformed into a bar with fancy cool furnitur like old computers, Retro things, Dolls, different kind of lights, antiques and trash. The location was really special and we had a great night there!

2nd day
We woke up by the sunshine (Today even more flawlessly like a princess haha ).
Totally motivated that our second brunch at Budapest would be better than the day before we felt out of the bed and got ourself ready for todays adventures.
We stopped at a colourful restaurant in Raday utca and had a great start into the 2nd day in Budapest.
After getting totally stuffed and giving up on our dream beach body we rented some scooters to cruise around the streets.
That was so much fun !!! We checked out the Matthias Church, Buda Castle and the Heroes’ Square.
After finishing our sightseeing list it was almost the end of the day and we didn’t know what else to do, but suddenly Melly had an amazing idea : „We are going to the OPERA now.“ So we went to a Puccini play.
That was our first time in an Opera and we were suprised – it was very good!

Over 8 hours without food we were starving and searched for a good place to eat. Sadly it was more difficult then expected to find a good restaurant with a free table. Finally we got to another area that we didn’t knew before and ate at this cool restaurant : KONYHA. But the best thing was not the food – it was the bar next to it. We don’t know how to explain it … there were so many different types of people there, like alternatives, hipsters, skaters, punkers, stylers etc….and all people had so much fun together, drinking their beer and lemonade. We called the audience „The Individuals“ haha. Ah and don’t forget! I think it’s totally hip to take your dog to the bars haha.
Also the music was very cool – a mixture of stuff i have never heard before.

3rd day
We were less flawless…
We woke up kinda late but actually too early for us.
The brunch today was not as usual as before… the name of the restaurant was „Vintage garden“ and the location was as cheesy as it sounds – but we liked it. We felt like beeing eight again and celebrating a birthdayparty.

Now to the failures:
On the last day in Budapest we tried to be sophisticated and went to the …wrong museum.
Actually we wanted to visit the Museum of Ethnography but we ended up in the Art of Hall. Thinking back to the „exhibition“ of Guttenberg we would rather have our money back… it was so bad dude ! It’s not like I don’t know anything about installations and modern arts – but this was horrible.
Confused about this strange „exhibition“ we went spontaneous to the „Fish festival“ and ate a lot of hungarian dishes.
Satisfied and with a full stomach we left Budapest.

Budapest is amazing and I really recommend it to you guys to go there. It’s a beautiful city with so many cool areas, churches and palaces.
You gonna enjoy it there for sure – So go for it!
Here I have some restaurants and bars I have been to.
Also don’t ask strangers for the direction because you will end up walking around the block Haha


– Recommendations from us –

– Kürtöskalács – typical hungary pastries, you can get it in the Váci Utca
– HALKAKAS – Veres Pálnè utca 33 ( Good Fish Burgers, and other Fish dishes)
– Murci– Kristóf Tér 7-8, next to Váci Utca
– LEVES. Soupbar – Vámház Körút 14 (Kálvin Tèr)
– PUDER – Ráday Utca
– KONYHA – Madách Imre Utca ( „Individuals Area“)

– Bägel – next to KONYHA
– Jewish Quarter – Cool Bars, Restaurants :
-Drinking some cocktails in „Gozsdu Udva“ – it’s a small street with many bars next to each other – Király Utca 13
– Ruinbar – Kazinczy Utca –> MUST DO THAT

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