The clothing and textile industry has a relatively large environmental footprint along its supply chain and life cycle compared to that of other products, although its impact depends on the type of textiles used. It is important to care about our environment and to know how people behind our garments suffer every day. Child labour and sweatshops are very common in the fashion industry, and suddenly when we start to realize it this industry doesn’t seem to be so luxurious anymore. We all should be more conscious of what we wear in our daily lives to not only protect the environment and ethical aspects but to respect ourselves. Our holy body deserves to wear clothes made out of high quality, which feels good and looks good. So it was just perfect, that we found this cool brand Organic Basics.

This brand fits perfect to us because of the clean style but also its quality and functionality speaks for itself. All their products are made only from the highest quality organic materials which are 100% eco-certified and meet the highest standard.
In our opinion, underwear is the most important garment. So please invest in quality. Only the best materials are good enough for the holiest part of the body! That is why we believe that underwear always should be organic.

Just like your home, clothes should comfort you in your everyday life. That’s why compromising on quality won’t make you happy in the long run. Actually, low-quality clothing is a lot like peeing in your pants when you’re cold: it might feel nice at first, but it’s not a sustainable solution.

Prioritizing quality clothing is not only good for you in the long run. It’s also a lot better for the environment, because clothing is the second dirtiest industry causing environmental damage.

“Be involved in things that change the world.”

We believe in saving the environment whenever it is possible. Recent studies show that garments will be just as clean at 40 degrees as with higher temperatures using appropriate washing powder. We urge you to give the environment a thought when you wash your clothes. Don’t wash unless it is necessary, use a good detergent and wash with the lowest degree possible. However, the Organic Basics are as robust as any non-organic product, therefore you should not worry if you prefer to wash at 60 degrees.

Being Conscious With What You Wear Being Conscious With What You Wear

They also have a silver collection where they use real silver that is spun into their organic cotton. Using these products will lead to less washing, as the clothing will stay fresh longer. The products will sustain multiple washing while still keeping its function. No stink or sweat. Kills 99,9% of bacteria. “The silver that we use in our T-shirt and boxer briefs is Frescura™. Frescura™ defines the barrier protection with its prime focus on human safety and environment-friendly non-leaching technology which makes their products unique and safe!”

Technically you can wear their SilverTech products for minimum one week without washing. However body hygiene is a very personal matter, So where one person can wear Silvertech for a month without having the need to wash, others might feel that need after just a few days. Less washing will save the environment for a lot of water and CO2 – wuhuu!

“Lets make fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.”

At a time when we’re starting to challenge the dominant “throw-away” culture, it’s time to start thinking about goods as investments instead of single-use items. A good place to start is with your clothes. And yes, it’s a good reason to consider if it’s worth buying cheap clothes.

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