October never felt so warm and pleasurable since this year. Mid-October and we still have about 18 degrees in Germany, sunshine and easy wind blowing our hairs away.
We love this kind of autumn weather so much. Because wearing casual and simple clothes, combined with one of your oversized coats and some boots or sneakers is our mark. Layering is the best! When its too cold outside layering looks different…you probably would wear one of your warmest down jacket and that’s it.

Coat | Jeans | Hoodie | Bag | Sunnies | Boots

This year we wanted to add some more colours to our wardrobe. And the colour we are choosing is Burgundy! We think this colour is one of the most suitable colours for the autumn season. We combined our burgundy pieces with matt and decent colours such as black and grey.
Nhi is combining her new favourite burgundy coat from American Vintage with one of her straight high waist jeans, shiny laced boots, a cropped hoodie in black. To give the outfit a more feminine vibe, she mixed her outfit with silver accessories, like her watch, accessories and a black chain back. If you are looking for some nice vintage bags check out Catchys. Or do you also looking for another red coat with a vintage touch? Here we go!

T. is wearing his favourite knit pieces, all layered. This look is perfect for everyday and even better for this kind of weather -effortless and comfortable.
He combines a light burgundy pullover with a long cardigan, both from American Vintage.

Pullover | Cardigan | Pants | Shoes | Sunnies


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