Today we are introducing you our latest favourite innovative fashion brand AlphaTauri.
This is the result when RedBull steps into fashion… With the opening of the first store in Salzburg, Red Bull introduced AlphaTauri, its new fashion brand that features a ready-to-wear collection for women and men.
AlphaTauri creates apparel with the same dynamic innovation that inspired the creation of RedBull. The name “AlpaTauri” comes from the brightest star in the Taurus constellation, a brilliant red light in the dark night sky. AlphaTauri’s clothes are made out of a special fabric technology, which called “stamina-enhancing-Taurex”. This innovation changes the way how clothes work with our body. These clothes have a casual sporty design and are created with smart benefits, which will maintain your body energised throughout the day. By collaborating with leading material technologists they create innovations that take you further.

“AlphaTauri Energy Wear extends physical and mental capacity by helping an active body retain more of what makes it move.”

Black Pants | Grey Sweater Woman | Sweater Men | Beige Jacket

Almost every piece by AlphaTauri is made out of the TAUREX  innovation. During the textile processing, garments are treated with a titan-mineral-complex liquid which is supposed to reflect energy the human body gives off and thus stimulate the circulation. AlphaTauri is made for everyone who wants to be fashionable and support body and mind. You can wear these clothes casually during the day with a blouse, sweatshirt and pants or also for sports activities with leggings and T-shirt. The clothes are lightweight and very comfortable for an effortless everyday look.

                                           Blue Lightweight Coat | Pants | White Shirt

This V-Neck shirt is one of Nhi’s favourite piece by AlphaTauri. It is very soft, light weighted and stylish. You can wear it also with skinny jeans,  shorts or a skater skirt.

V-Neck Shirt | Leggings | Grey Sweater Woman





In Collaboration with ALPHATAURI

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